Speyside Glenlivet (330ml) Natural Mineral Water (Still) - Case/24 Bottles

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    - Low sodium content, suitable for heart disease and hypertension issues
    - Excellent tea's and coffee's maker, enhance the extraction rate
    - Ideal for making ice cube to serve with whisky
    - Awarded the prestigious Gold prize by the British Bottler's Institute

    Speyside Glenlivet is a premium natural mineral water, sourced high on the beautiful Crown Estate of Glenlivet in Scotland. It’s a water that’s exceptionally pure. Emerging naturally from the highest spring in the UK, it has low but balanced mineral content. This creates a soft, refreshing taste that gently cleanses the discerning palate, allowing the flavours of fine food and wine to shine through.

    Speyside Glenlivet is bottled at source, the water come from naturally renewable protected underground sources, which are constantly replenished by Scotland’s ample rainfall. Speyside Glenlivet water was awarded the prestigious Gold prize while the brand has also been recognised for the quality and design of its packaging with the Silver medal accolade by The British Bottler’s Institute, which is a leading industry organisation and its annual competition rewards quality and innovation among global beverage producers.

    The importance of Speyside Glenlivet’s purity in fine dining is highlighted and endorsed. Speyside Glenlivet is served in an impressive list of high-end restaurants and hotels. The water is adored by top chefs in Michelin starred restaurants. The water should be chilled between12-15 degrees centigrade and, as additional flavours will compromise the purity of the water, served without ice or fruit.

    Typical Analysis (mg/L)

    Calcium         12
    Magnesium   2
    Sodium          4
    Bicarbonate   45
    Chloride         5
    Potassium      1
    Sulphate         4
    Silica               1


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